About Me

I am an accomplished public health leader with close to a decade of experience in project management, communications, and education. My career has allowed me to hone a wealth of skills, and my professional focal points include program administration, end-to-end program management, digital marketing, communications, content creation, project coordination, community outreach, partnership development, health education, research, data analysis, reporting, process improvement, risk management, regulatory compliance, training, and leadership. Delivering superior execution on the latter requires exceptional communication, analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills, asset and stakeholder management expertise, and a nuanced understanding of public health principles.

Over the years, I have demonstrated a natural aptitude for strategizing and executing inventive marketing and communications campaigns, projects, and initiatives while leveraging compelling messaging and content to maximize engagement and exceed all objectives. My creativity is seamlessly balanced by my analytical aptitudes, and I am an exceptional problem solver. As such, I am adept at prioritizing and allocating assets and resources most efficiently to deliver challenging projects within timescale, budget, and scope.

I am always open to connecting with other public health leaders and can be reached through this profile, email, or telephone:

✉ isabella.divilova@outlook.com

☎ (646) 915-2566

Feel free to connect!

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